Matala is the personal choice of ‘Romantic weddings on Crete’. Despite its small size Matala is full of life, uniting the people of different social backgrounds, interests and ages. Once you are there you will immediately notice the large caves cut into the cliff face. It is very possible that these artificial caves used to be houses in Roman times and were later used as burial chambers. Also, Matala was made very famous in the late 1960s with the introduction of the hippie movement across Europe at the time who also used to live in these caves. During the Minoan civilization Matala used to be the port for Phastos and during the Roman Empire it was the port of Gortyn. During the tourist season you can hear live music during the monthly festivals and every year from June to September there are beach volleyball contests, festivals celebrating Cretan culture and so on, so you will definitely have the feeling that you too are taking part in a ‘Big Greek Wedding’, with night time dancing and richly furnished tables.